Data Vault Corp - Remote Backup Service, The Data Storage Solution. Data Protection made Easy, Secure and Affordable! Data Vault Corp - Remote Backup Service, The Data Storage Solution. Data Protection made Easy, Secure and Affordable!
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Welcome to Data Vault

Online Data Backup Service Provider

Online backup is not a new technology, you can backup anything, email, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Database including your everyday word and excel files. Remote backup is arguably one of the most convenient methods of data storage.

How would your LIFE be affected if you suddenly lost all your computer data?
Emails, Contacts, Financial Records GONE; It takes less than a second to completely destroy years worth of your valuable business records. 

You spend thousands of dollars protecting your business assets, how much are you spending to protect your most critical, non-replaceable asset your data?  Your insurance can replace your computers, furniture, buildings, vehicles; the only thing they can't replace is your data. 

Data Vault provides the online data backup & recovery solution you need to make data protection Easy, Automatic, Secure and Worry Free!

So when disaster does strike, no matter how extensive, you will be up and running again in no time at all!
Data Vault's remote backup service helps protect your business by sending copies of your critical data files to our secure offsite data storage facility every night.  There's nothing you have to do.

Don't become a statistic!
Data Vault help to protect your business from a catastrophic failure that can destroy your most valuable asset.

Data Vault Partnership Program        

Regulatory Compliance

Program Benefits:

  • Branded Backup Client (optional)

  • Create accounts for your clients automatically

  • Unlimited recurring revenue from your Clients, you set the fees to charge your clients

  • Add to your product line and service offerings

  • Attract new clients and up sale to current customers
  • You bill your clients directly for backup service, on-site installation and maintenance services provided

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Guaranteed off-site backups help companies comply with applicable regulatory requirements, including Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, SEC/NASD and other industry specific regulations.

Data Vault backup services help professionals meet the increasing regulatory demands found within many industries. If data backup, or off site data backup, are necessary to reach compliance, our service is a secure, cost effective and reliable solution. Online backup is a common industry solution for those attempting to comply with the following regulations:

Data Vault offers multiple online data backup solutions to Protect your data:

Key Features of Data Vault's Online Backup Service:

Data Vault Storage Solutions - Free Trial!No Credit Card Required!

You can start protecting your most valuable assist immediately at no cost or risk!  You can fully evaluate Data Vault, we do not limit the functionality (plug-ins included) of our software during the free trial period.  We do not require any  credit card information; you will simply be notified by email when the trial is about to expire.

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MS Exchange - Data Vault backs up Exchange Server at the sub-mailbox level, incrementally. The first backup is usually big, but thereafter, only new messages and other objects are backed up. This feature works only on the computer running Exchange.  

SQL Server - Data Vault backs up multiple instances of MS SQL Server running on the same computer that has DVC installed.

System State, Active Directory - Data Vault can back up System State and Active Directory.  

Open Files - Data Vault can back up files that are open and locked by other applications.

Whether you're a network administrator seeking a remote backup solution for your network and mobile users or a small business or home user wanting to protect valuable files and information, Online Data Backup is a secure, reliable, offsite, internet backup solution for you and your client.

We Make Data Protection Easy and Worry Free! 

Don’t assume that, just because it never happened before, it never will! 

Call 888-DVC-BKUP (888-382-2587) or email:

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